Mitul Palan Shares His 7 Secret Tips About Outsourcing

Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) is the redistributing certain repetitive and exhaustive non-core or sometimes even core business activities to a third party service provider. BPO helps in improving business performance through distributing time, effort and money outside and rather focusing on strategies pertinent to business

There are a few secret tips and rules that are known only by the industry insiders. Today Mitul Palan, the co-founder of Brainworks Private Limited and a leading name in the world of Business Process Outsourcing would share his insight and the tips he has amassed all the way.

1) Evaluate Your Reason For Outsourcing



Before you begin to evaluate how, what and where to outsource make sure that the reasons behind your decisions are just and in sync with the overall theme of your company. It is crucial for you to come up with a definite plan and proposal before you push the idea further. You need to provide your employees, vendors, stakeholders and in some cases, even clients the need behind your move.


2) Which Tasks to Outsource?


The biggest challenge any enterprise faces when making an outsourcing decision is to decide which tasks it needs to outsource. According to Mitul Palan, Mumbai, only those business activities should be outsourced that will not require your company’s personal touch, the tasks that don’t match up with your strengths, and on top, those that can be inexpensively undertaken.


3) Take Baby Steps


Most new companies in order to extract maximum benefits from outsourcing tend to make hasty decisions like giving larger chunks of activities for outsourcing. What is suggested though is to make small decisions and to get comfortable with the whole idea of outsourcing. Only when you have established your footing you can reap benefits from it.

4) Consider the Cost Requirement



Any business undertaking involves the exchange of money. While many companies need for outsourcing is saving money, it is to realize that it is more of a future oriented aspect rather than a short-term benefit. Mitul Palan advices all corporates to save money in the initial months of your partnership with an outsourcing third unit.


5) Consider the Right Help


In a bid to save time and effort many companies fall into the temptation of hiring the first party they interview. Mitul Palan, Mumbai advises to first interview and meet multiple parties and outsourcing units. Only when you have made a thorough analysis of each of their strengths, weaknesses, the quotation demanded, you should make a decision. The key should be to choose that company whose specialization matches up to your need.


6) Don’t Lose Control


A blunder that most businesses do once they hire outsource company for their work is turning a blind eye towards their operations. According to Milan Palan it is crucial for a company to remain in touch with the activities you have outsourced. He suggest that the best way to do this is to employ minimal staff to overlook this relation. These managers should be skilled in their field should understand the broader vision of your company and ensure everything works according to it.


7) Draft A Legal Contract


The most crucial aspect of outsourcing is drafting of a legal framework within which both you and the outsourced company would undertake the activity. The drafted contract should outline specifically about payment, rights, expectation, roles and duties, termination clause amongst others. It is imperative to have a lawyer draft or even review any contract before you sign it.

These tips, given by Mitul Palan, Mumbai should be kept in mind when outsourcing any business activity to ensure success and growth of your company!


Mitul Palan Shares – Reasons Why Successful Companies Are Experiencing Skyrocket Growth with Virtual Assistants

Have you seen startups that started late, but today are more successful than your business? You will find various such companies that made it big with limited funds and within a comparatively lesser time-frame. What did they do differently that made their business so successful? They hired Virtual Assistants for their business. Mitul Palan, the founder of Brainworks Private Limited believes that if a business wants to achieve its business goals, then it will have to take help of virtual assistants. If you are not convinced that virtual assistants can help accelerate your business growth, then read ahead.

Time is the real game changer

If you remain engaged in the administrative tasks and other less important work, then how will you focus on building new business relationships, designing new and effective strategies, setting up new distribution paths, and many more important activities. There are some tasks that can be assigned while the others need to be done by you. So it is better to assign tasks that can be done by other professionals while you concentrate on the core values and tasks that require your dire attention and time. Mitul Palan, Mumbai is a renowned name in the BPO industry and has many helped clients in outsourcing offshore marketing and client acquisition services. Having extensive industry experience, he believes that you can never grow when you remain entangled with minor administrative works that can be easily done by others. Your time is valuable and you need to have a tight grip on it. So focus on the important roles and let the virtual assistants take control of the less important ones.

Remember that you are an entrepreneur and not an employee

The only thing that makes an entrepreneur successful is his ability to think differently from the crowd. But, if you remain occupied with works like social media management, appointment scheduling, maintaining a business website, sending emails to prospective investors, and similar other work, then when will you get the time to think strategically for your business. You have to focus on how to take your business ahead and not waste time in doing simple administrative or other management work. Virtual assistants are reliable professionals who take care of your tasks the way you would have. This not only saves your time but also gives you ample time to concentrate on the more important tasks. Just hire a virtual assistant, hand him a list of tasks you want to get completed with utmost efficiency, and relax.

Get your business processes streamlined

Running an organization in an orderly manner where all the processes are streamlined and run smoothly can deliver unmatched results for your business. If you don’t have any idea how this can be done, then take help of a virtual assistant. You can ask the professional to create effective processes, along with effective communication and supreme reporting channels. This will considerably increase the efficiency of your other business operations also and you will be amused to see the results your business fetched over a period of time. Mitul Palan, having years of experience in the field believes that virtual assistants not only help your business grow but also helps the entrepreneur to concentrate on the core competencies of the business. Many of his clients’ has experienced positive results and you can experience the same by delegating the admin tasks to a virtual assistant.

Offer impeccable products and services to your customers

A business can only operate successfully in the market if it manages to please its customers. Keeping a track of the existing market trends, business reviews by customers on various social media platforms, your competitors’ activity, and customers’ requirement are some tasks that are important but are time-consuming as well. If you remain engaged in all these tasks, then your entire time will be wasted and you will not be in a position to focus on more productive and constructive tasks. By hiring a reliable virtual assistant, you can hand over all these tasks to him and ask him to do these tasks with utmost efficiency. Since he will be focusing on this work only, he can deliver better results than you would have obtained. If you want to get a step closer to achieve your business goals, then it is better you hire a virtual assistant for your business.

Be always available for customers

If your customer base is diversified and they live in different countries having different time zones, then it becomes really difficult to resolve their problem according to their time schedule. Mitul Palan, Mumbai has come up with the perfect solution to solve this problem. Being a BPO professional himself for over 17 years, he has seen companies growing their businesses overseas with the help of virtual assistants. You can hire a team of virtual assistants that will handle customers call accordingly so that no call is missed and the quality is maintained. If your business manages to satisfy and resolve their grievances, then you won’t have to look back.

These are just a few of the benefits that successful enterprises have already obtained by hiring virtual assistants during their initial startup phase. Having someone reliable by your side to take care of your business responsibilities can greatly help your business grow at an astounding rate.

Mitul Palan Says – Don’t Get Distracted. Get Glued to your Business Goals. Hire Virtual Assistants

Running a business needs multiple departments to work as a team. And, needless to mention, there are many tasks that are repetitive and can be done by anyone. However, if you have to do it single-handedly, you have to give effort and time to get them done in the right way. This, as a result, is more likely to make you worked-up. What if you get a virtual assistant to help you with your never-ending to-do list? Aren’t you sure about the trustworthiness of such service providers? If so, then, you need to think again.

Most of the successful entrepreneurs, these days, rely on virtual assistance to get things done properly so that they can look into the business cores. Mitul Palan, the co-founder of Brainworks Private Limited has been a part of the BPO industry since long. According to him, virtual assistants make things easy for a business and help it grow. Also, outsourcing the important, yet repetitive work to a team of experienced professionals does bring results.

Some tasks are important, but they distract

In every company, there are some unavoidable critical tasks. Such tasks, on one hand, cannot be ignored and on the other eat up a hefty chunk of productive time. Especially, in the case of start-up companies which do not have proper infrastructure, both financial and physical, to make room for full-time employees, such tasks do distract businessmen from delivering their best. This is where Virtual Assistants (VAs) come as a savior.

As per Mitul Palan, VAs are trained to handle different types of tasks, be it answering emails to designing marketing strategies. The best part – they work for you remotely, making it easy for you to take care of the business cores with utmost attention. So, let’s take a look at some of the other reasons advocating the need of hiring Virtual Assistants.

An assistant for ease and convenience

You are pretty much sure that you need help. However, you are not yet ready to hire people for handling administrative job. No problem. Hire virtual assistants. Chalk out a budget and needs and search for VAs who will fit those parameters. Working with virtual assistants, as Mitul Palan, Mumbai says, is very flexible and you are free from in-house liabilities, as well.

Hire services that you need

Your needs might vary. Some companies need assistance to handle just the basic tasks, while some need specific help. You can hire virtual assistants according to your needs.  A reliable service provider, according to Mitul Palan, offers a wide range of services so that you can choose one or multiple according to your company requirements.

Stay connected. Get noticed

The corporate world is a 24 X 7 platform. And, two of the most crucial and time-sensitive jobs are – keeping in touch with the customers and making your online presence felt as much as possible. To manage each and every aspect of your business might get on your nerves. However, having a professional or a team of professionals doing these critical jobs for you will help you stay responsive to your customer base. Mitul Palan, Mumbai believes that no business can take chance when it comes to customer satisfaction.

So, these are some of the main reasons that advocate the need of getting the help of Virtual Assistants for various critical tasks. Mitul Palan is a reputable name in the world of outsourcing and he strongly believes that when you have to think about some major business goals, it’s better to get VA to handle the small, yet crucial tasks.

Learn the Art of Delegating Tasks to Your Virtual Assistants

Before you start showering tasks to your hired virtual assistant, it is important that you learn the art of delegating first. It will not only help the other person to understand your instructions precisely but it will also help you to get the best out of the virtual assistant. There are numerous cases, where the employer and the virtual assistant could not gel properly with each other because of improper communication. But, if you see all the renowned entrepreneurs happily cherishing the success of their business, you will find them effectively using the services of a virtual assistant. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur then you will have to learn the art of delegating tasks first. The application of this art will not only be restricted to your virtual assistant, but you can use your delegation skills elsewhere as well.

Mitul Palan, the co-founder of Brainworks Private Limited and a BPO professional has served the industry for over 17 years and has seen that employers who value their virtual assistants and delegate the tasks in a clear and easy to understand manner are the ones who reap the highest returns from the work done by their virtual assistant. If you are curious to know, how you can master the art of delegating, then read ahead.

Don’t expect your virtual assistant to be a superhero

Just like any other human being, even your virtual assistant is a human having some work restrictions. You cannot assign him so many tasks at once, that he is unable to do even one properly. Make a list of all the tasks you want to get completed along with the deadline and then discuss it with your virtual assistant once. If he is able to take up all, then great, but don’t push him to work on all the projects when he explicitly expresses his inability to do so. Everyone wants to hire a multitasker but there are limitations for a multitasker as well. If you want your assigned work to be completed with the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency, then don’t overburden the other person. Mitul Palan, Mumbai has worked with numerous clients and found that virtual assistants working freely with manageable burden delivered better results than the other over-burdened ones. So, if you want to optimize the results that you get from your virtual assistants, then start delegating work that can be easily handled by him.

Give some time to the virtual assistant to let him understand your business processes

Even if you hire a highly experienced virtual assistant for your work, you should still allow him some time to understand your business processes. Not every business is same and your way of working may not be similar to his work style. Even two businesses operating in the same industry follow different working rules, so make sure you don’t expect too much of excellence at the beginning. After you assign a task, make sure you get over a call together and then let him know how you would have done this task or what results do you want from this job. Make everything as clear as possible. This might seem to be a time-consuming process but this is a requirement only in the initial days. Once the virtual assistant gets to know your business processes properly, you will start receiving the desired results without the need of making him understand the task every single time.

Don’t be selective in terms of delegating the tasks    

You are an entrepreneur who dreams to build an empire with thousands of employees and several clients working with you. But do you think you will be able to handle all this at once? Even if you do, then who will take care of the tasks that can only be done by you? It is this situation, which demands the total work delegation to the virtual assistants. But don’t commit the mistake of delegating the entire thing to one single virtual assistant. Depending on the workload and your requirements, you can hire a team of skilled virtual assistants or an individual virtual assistant. Mitul Palan is a reliable name in the BPO industry and even he suggests that delegating the entire task to a skillful team of virtual assistants can bring about better results than what you were getting previously.

Staying in a constant link is the main key

One of the biggest mistakes that most employers make is that they forget the virtual assistant after assigning them their task and again follow up directly on the deadline date. This practice should be stopped immediately if you want to get the best results from your delegated task. You should follow up frequently and inquire the status of work, whether they are having any problem in the assigned task if they need any further clarification regarding some points, and much more. Even if the virtual assistant doesn’t initiate the communication, you should take a step forward and look into the matter. It is your work after all that needs to get completed with accuracy. Mitul Palan, Mumbai suggests that you should fix a time i.e. weekly or every alternate day to discuss the status of the delegated work. This will not only bring the best results but will also foster a healthy and long-term relationship between the employer and the virtual assistant.

There are several other rules as well that can help you master the art of delegation, but even if you follow the above-mentioned points, your work will become a lot easier. You cannot expect to master the art at once, but eventually, you will learn it and make the most out of it.

Commonest Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make Wile Hiring Virtual Assistants

Mitul Palan

So, did you make a plan to hire virtual assistants or call center services for your company? It’s a good decision as co-sourcing certain tasks in a company allows growth opportunities in all the sectors equally. Now, your employees will have ample time to perform their assigned tasks and you could also focus on the core activities. It is true that hiring virtual assistants can dramatically improve your business. But when done wrong, can be detrimental to the growth of the company. So, learn about the commonest mistakes that entrepreneurs tend to make while hiring virtual assistants. This will not just let you avoid repeating those, but will also help you to choose the right VAs for your company. Here’s the list of a few commonest mistakes:

Mistake 1: Failing to understand the main reason for hiring VAs

Just because every company is co sourcing to VAs, you need not hire such assistants. Every company or business is different. Analyze your needs well before setting out to look for such professionals. Find out what do you need virtual assistants for – administrative tasks, accounting and financial management, managing emails, or communicating with the customers. Once you are clear, write down the list of tasks such professionals will take up on your behalf.

Mistake 2: Over anticipation from the virtual assistants

You must be having a list of tasks to take care of –bookkeeping, managing outbound and inbound calls, handle travel bookings, and manage social media profiles. Call center experts like Mitul Palan, founder of Brainworks Private Limited says, “A virtual assistant is a specialized professional with expertise and experience in just one domain… If one can handle customer calls, do not expect him/her to know bookkeeping or email management. Hire different VAs to take care of different tasks of your company.”

Mistake 3: Not considering the language barriers

Mitul Palan, Mumbai based entrepreneur complains that most of the companies look for VAs in overseas countries without any knowledge of the language and cultural barriers. Yes, outsourcing certain tasks to virtual assistants, in different countries, definitely has a monetary advantage. However, even though it seems like a guarantee of higher effectiveness, it is often the opposite. You need to consider the language difference, accents, dialect hindrances, as well as social contrasts.

Mistake 4: Not explaining the tasks to be done

You need to create a work schedule for the VAs too. In that, you should include all the tasks that are supposed to be done by the VAs. They need to be told about the step by step procedures in which they need to complete the assigned work. They need to be briefed almost every day regarding work. Moreover, they know less about your company and its needs. Thus, they need to be given proper training. Moreover, they need to be briefed about work to be done. Also, please make sure that you are defining a streamlined communication process to them.

Now, that you know what are the commonest mistakes that many of the entrepreneurs make, you won’t repeat those yourself. Additionally, do check the skills and knowledge of the candidates you are hiring. If you are planning to contact a reputed call center, Mr. Mitul Palan advises that you should remember to check its licenses and registrations. You should also consider the time zones for which the call center works for. If you are planning to extend your customer service to companies outside your time zones, you must check whether the call center you are choosing works for those time zones. Thus you can ensure round the clock customer service.

Avoid making the mistakes that others make and you will surely be able to work with the most efficient VAs for your business.

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