Commonest Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make Wile Hiring Virtual Assistants

Mitul Palan

So, did you make a plan to hire virtual assistants or call center services for your company? It’s a good decision as co-sourcing certain tasks in a company allows growth opportunities in all the sectors equally. Now, your employees will have ample time to perform their assigned tasks and you could also focus on the core activities. It is true that hiring virtual assistants can dramatically improve your business. But when done wrong, can be detrimental to the growth of the company. So, learn about the commonest mistakes that entrepreneurs tend to make while hiring virtual assistants. This will not just let you avoid repeating those, but will also help you to choose the right VAs for your company. Here’s the list of a few commonest mistakes:

Mistake 1: Failing to understand the main reason for hiring VAs

Just because every company is co sourcing to VAs, you need not hire such assistants. Every company or business is different. Analyze your needs well before setting out to look for such professionals. Find out what do you need virtual assistants for – administrative tasks, accounting and financial management, managing emails, or communicating with the customers. Once you are clear, write down the list of tasks such professionals will take up on your behalf.

Mistake 2: Over anticipation from the virtual assistants

You must be having a list of tasks to take care of –bookkeeping, managing outbound and inbound calls, handle travel bookings, and manage social media profiles. Call center experts like Mitul Palan, founder of Brainworks Private Limited says, “A virtual assistant is a specialized professional with expertise and experience in just one domain… If one can handle customer calls, do not expect him/her to know bookkeeping or email management. Hire different VAs to take care of different tasks of your company.”

Mistake 3: Not considering the language barriers

Mitul Palan, Mumbai based entrepreneur complains that most of the companies look for VAs in overseas countries without any knowledge of the language and cultural barriers. Yes, outsourcing certain tasks to virtual assistants, in different countries, definitely has a monetary advantage. However, even though it seems like a guarantee of higher effectiveness, it is often the opposite. You need to consider the language difference, accents, dialect hindrances, as well as social contrasts.

Mistake 4: Not explaining the tasks to be done

You need to create a work schedule for the VAs too. In that, you should include all the tasks that are supposed to be done by the VAs. They need to be told about the step by step procedures in which they need to complete the assigned work. They need to be briefed almost every day regarding work. Moreover, they know less about your company and its needs. Thus, they need to be given proper training. Moreover, they need to be briefed about work to be done. Also, please make sure that you are defining a streamlined communication process to them.

Now, that you know what are the commonest mistakes that many of the entrepreneurs make, you won’t repeat those yourself. Additionally, do check the skills and knowledge of the candidates you are hiring. If you are planning to contact a reputed call center, Mr. Mitul Palan advises that you should remember to check its licenses and registrations. You should also consider the time zones for which the call center works for. If you are planning to extend your customer service to companies outside your time zones, you must check whether the call center you are choosing works for those time zones. Thus you can ensure round the clock customer service.

Avoid making the mistakes that others make and you will surely be able to work with the most efficient VAs for your business.

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