Learn the Art of Delegating Tasks to Your Virtual Assistants

Before you start showering tasks to your hired virtual assistant, it is important that you learn the art of delegating first. It will not only help the other person to understand your instructions precisely but it will also help you to get the best out of the virtual assistant. There are numerous cases, where the employer and the virtual assistant could not gel properly with each other because of improper communication. But, if you see all the renowned entrepreneurs happily cherishing the success of their business, you will find them effectively using the services of a virtual assistant. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur then you will have to learn the art of delegating tasks first. The application of this art will not only be restricted to your virtual assistant, but you can use your delegation skills elsewhere as well.

Mitul Palan, the co-founder of Brainworks Private Limited and a BPO professional has served the industry for over 17 years and has seen that employers who value their virtual assistants and delegate the tasks in a clear and easy to understand manner are the ones who reap the highest returns from the work done by their virtual assistant. If you are curious to know, how you can master the art of delegating, then read ahead.

Don’t expect your virtual assistant to be a superhero

Just like any other human being, even your virtual assistant is a human having some work restrictions. You cannot assign him so many tasks at once, that he is unable to do even one properly. Make a list of all the tasks you want to get completed along with the deadline and then discuss it with your virtual assistant once. If he is able to take up all, then great, but don’t push him to work on all the projects when he explicitly expresses his inability to do so. Everyone wants to hire a multitasker but there are limitations for a multitasker as well. If you want your assigned work to be completed with the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency, then don’t overburden the other person. Mitul Palan, Mumbai has worked with numerous clients and found that virtual assistants working freely with manageable burden delivered better results than the other over-burdened ones. So, if you want to optimize the results that you get from your virtual assistants, then start delegating work that can be easily handled by him.

Give some time to the virtual assistant to let him understand your business processes

Even if you hire a highly experienced virtual assistant for your work, you should still allow him some time to understand your business processes. Not every business is same and your way of working may not be similar to his work style. Even two businesses operating in the same industry follow different working rules, so make sure you don’t expect too much of excellence at the beginning. After you assign a task, make sure you get over a call together and then let him know how you would have done this task or what results do you want from this job. Make everything as clear as possible. This might seem to be a time-consuming process but this is a requirement only in the initial days. Once the virtual assistant gets to know your business processes properly, you will start receiving the desired results without the need of making him understand the task every single time.

Don’t be selective in terms of delegating the tasks    

You are an entrepreneur who dreams to build an empire with thousands of employees and several clients working with you. But do you think you will be able to handle all this at once? Even if you do, then who will take care of the tasks that can only be done by you? It is this situation, which demands the total work delegation to the virtual assistants. But don’t commit the mistake of delegating the entire thing to one single virtual assistant. Depending on the workload and your requirements, you can hire a team of skilled virtual assistants or an individual virtual assistant. Mitul Palan is a reliable name in the BPO industry and even he suggests that delegating the entire task to a skillful team of virtual assistants can bring about better results than what you were getting previously.

Staying in a constant link is the main key

One of the biggest mistakes that most employers make is that they forget the virtual assistant after assigning them their task and again follow up directly on the deadline date. This practice should be stopped immediately if you want to get the best results from your delegated task. You should follow up frequently and inquire the status of work, whether they are having any problem in the assigned task if they need any further clarification regarding some points, and much more. Even if the virtual assistant doesn’t initiate the communication, you should take a step forward and look into the matter. It is your work after all that needs to get completed with accuracy. Mitul Palan, Mumbai suggests that you should fix a time i.e. weekly or every alternate day to discuss the status of the delegated work. This will not only bring the best results but will also foster a healthy and long-term relationship between the employer and the virtual assistant.

There are several other rules as well that can help you master the art of delegation, but even if you follow the above-mentioned points, your work will become a lot easier. You cannot expect to master the art at once, but eventually, you will learn it and make the most out of it.

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